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Welcome to the City of Intellect:  Santo Roa, Las Huastecas University.
Learn about our journey, mission and values.

A Community of Kindred Spirits

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We are a community of learners, where even the individual in solitude has his or her own sense of belonging. We seek an interior life and an education populated by a community of kindred spirits.

 We are inviting those who have a desire for a sense of purpose in life to join us, to come and nurture your heart’s desires, your dreams of a more harmonious society and your inquisitive mind. We must observe, think and act. We must live, love and progress.

We strive to grow together and support one another on the path to greater wisdom, knowledge and love.

 Welcome to the University of the Huastecas.


Learn Spanish next summer at UDLH

Las Huastecas Language School in Hidalgo, México

The Las Huastecas Language School offers quality, leading-edge Spanish instruction to students beginning in the summer of 2017. Immerse yourself in Spanish language, Huastecan culture and the beauty of the Sierra Madre.

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