Las Huastecas Language School in Hidalgo, México

 Las Huastecas Language School is an innovative program of The Las Huastecas University (UDLH).

 Located on a quiet mountain overlooking a beautiful lake and villages, the campus overlooks the beautiful blue mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental and La Huasteca Hidalguense. It is located four hours northeast of Mexico City, around 150 miles (141 kilometers) from the city’s noise and pollution.

Las Huastecas Language School is a cultural institution devoted to cultivating awareness around the world through the sharing of cultures and languages.

The school offers quality, leading-edge Spanish instruction to students beginning in the summer of 2017. The Spanish school facilities are comfortable and in close contact with nature, a place where the academic and administrative personnel take a genuine interest in the progress off each student. This will be a small school with an emphasis on personal attention, an excellent choice in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, close to nature, great food and cultural traditions.

Las Huastecas Language School will offer a 5-hour per day small group class Spanish program. If you require something unique or specialized, Las Huastecas Language School can customize a Spanish program for you. In addition to classes, the school offers a variety of interesting cultural activities and excursions, which allow individuals the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Mexico and La Huasteca region.

Las Huastecas Language School offers a flexible system, special classes to groups and students with specific academic interests dictated by their professional needs. The school can adapt classes to teachers, doctors, nurses, government and corporate executives, businessmen, flight attendants, travel agents, professionals and college students using the vocabulary and terminology.


Quality and Experience

We believe that there is more to a school than teaching and learning Spanish. At Las Huastecas Language School, we are committed to giving back to Las Huastecas region we are part of. The school will provide employment and educational opportunities to people in the local villages and businesses.

The Las Huastecas Language School arranges programs for individuals of all ages, universities, major corporations, and local, state and the federal government. We offer both short term and long-term programs.

We can arrange general Spanish language study as well as programs covering specialized topics such as medical programs, business programs, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Academic Credit

Students earn a Spanish Language Skills Certificate. In addition, academic credit will be available at Las Huastecas Language School at a future date. Please note: Students will be notified when the academic credit will be available.

School Philosophy and Methodology

We use the communicative approach of teaching combined with strategic elements of current didactic and academic and pedagogical theory in a total cultural immersion environment, contextualizing the language acquisition process.

We understand that you need to attain oral proficiency and we can help you meet that goal by using a communicative approach to learn Spanish.

 You want to learn Spanish in the shortest possible time. Now, grammar provides a language’s framework, while vocabulary gives you the tools to communicate effectively. In many schools, language courses emphasized analyzing grammar such as sentence structure, syntax and understanding text. But, just analyzing and learning grammar will not enable you to communicate. You could spend years studying a language without ever having a real conversation. At, Las Huastecas Language School, we emphasize communication so you can speak Spanish as well as reading it.

 Our approach is by teaching all four-language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This approach allows us to borrow elements from other teaching methods such as role-playing, question and answer, visual aids and drills to adapt to your learning patterns and to develop the language skills you need.

The teachers in our school are their most important asset, with years of accumulated teaching experience, and who continue to participate in rigorous continuous development programs.

You will be expected to participate in class discussions, share your opinion, debate and explain your reasoning, give class presentations and work in groups with your classmates.



Enrollment Information

Complete an enrollment application. Enrollment applications will be found on our website in December 2016.

You will be able to pay online as well as by check, fax in a payment form, or send funds via bank transfer.

The Application and Confirmation Process

The confirmation email will contain attached files with information about Mexico and Las Huastecas region you will be traveling to, information about the best way to arrive at your location, and school specific information.


We will transport you to our location in the mountains once you arrive to the Mexico City airport for a fee. You can make your own arrangements if you are traveling with other people or if you know the area. Las Huastecas region is a safe place but we prefer to drive you to avoid any difficulties and stress of traveling through the big city and through the State of Hidalgo. We want you to enjoy the trip and arrive completely safe.

Arrival and Departure Dates

Our first year, Las Huastecas Language School will include only the summer program for a month, starting July 10th and ending on August 4th, 2017. You should arrive 1 day before classes begin and depart either on the last day of classes, or the day after (we recommend the latter). So plan an arriving on the Sunday prior to your first Monday class and departing on the Saturday after your final Friday class.

For those of you who would like to arrive earlier or stay later, normally it’s no problem to stay extra days with your host family or at any other type of accommodations you may chose.

Class Hours

Las Huastecas Language School uses hours per day, lessons per day, sessions per day, and classes per day when describing program options. Under any of these descriptions actual time spent in class will vary from 45-60 minutes per hour. The students are in class from 8am to 10am. There is a break from 10am to 10:20am. Classes will then run till 12pm.

Modification of Your Program Hours

Certain instances may arise where even though you have signed up for group classes, there may be no other students at your level of Spanish proficiency. The school will then place you in a private class. In these instances, you may find that your total classroom hours will be reduced.

Cultural Activities and Organized Activities

The large majority of the schools will offer students a variety of complimentary activities. Activities may include dance classes, trips to local museums, lectures, etc. For those activities taking place outside the school there may be minor fees the student needs to pay. These extra fees typically cover expenses such as transportation and entrance fees. If a school offers weekend activities such as day trips or full weekend excursions, the student will be responsible for paying the full cost of this excursion.

Behavior Expectations

Any participant of a Spanish language immersion program is expected to be courteous and respectful guests. Abusive behavior by a participant will not be tolerated.

Disclaimer of Liability

Las Huastecas Language School is an independent agent and is not liable for any risks you may encounter during travel to, from, and within the country or at any other time or location during your trip. These risks may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, sickness, accidents, terrorism, and war. By signing the registration form (or by submitting a form online or over the telephone), you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold Las Huastecas Language School and its employees harmless of any and all liability that may arise in any Las Huastecas Language School programs inside and outside of the United States. If you have any question, please feel free to call us.

Privacy Policy

Any customer information that Las Huastecas Language School receives is strictly for our records. Our company does not and will not share this information with any other organization.

Spanish Only Pledge

Our Spanish immersion program is for those who are seeking a complete Spanish immersion opportunity. There is always a temptation to speak in your native language outside of class time. We ask our students to speak only Spanish in and outside of the classroom.

Weekend excursions and day trips

On weekends we host excursions to many different parts of the country.  Possibilities range from relaxing under a tree and enjoying the cool breeze coming from the mountains to studying by a pond or a creek.

 We encourage our students to take a trip or two on their own: it is easy and very economical to travel, and it is a great opportunity to put your Spanish skills into practice!

 Whether traveling by yourself or with an organized tour, remember to budget for weekend excursions when planning your trip. NOTE: Most tours require cash payments or charge a small surcharge for credit card payments; we suggest bringing a debit card to cover these expenses.




Four weeks at $950 per week – includes: 20 hours private tailored Spanish instruction, full-board homestay family, laundry service, and 1 local tour per week.

Spanish Immersion Classes

$250 Per Week

4 hours per day, Mon-Fri.

Spanish & Volunteer Program

$99 Placement Fee

$50 one-time Donation Fee, depending on project.

Lodging prices vary depending on project.

Minimum 2 weeks of Spanish classes required before!

Private Lessons

$25 per hour

$20 per hour for 10 hours +

$35 Semi-private

$50 Private group (3 people)

Private lessons are offered Mon-Thu.

Homestay Spanish Learning

Homestays are the most effective way to make friends, put into practice the Spanish you learn in the classroom, and help you integrate into Las Huastecas community. By staying with a family, you will:

• Practice and learn more Spanish

• Meet people from the community

• Have breakfast, lunch & dinner included

• Spend less than you would for a hotel

• Have laundry service included

• Have childcare options if coming with children

• Be taken out of your comfort zone and challenged to adapt to a new culture!

 Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture with constant companionship and instruction in Spanish, while living full-board in one of our qualified and comfortable homestay families. This 24/7 total immersion program is the most efficient way to accelerate your Spanish learning.

On your first day, you will attend orientation, class and activities at the school, located a short walk from your homestay.

You will receive your 1-on-1 Spanish instruction with one of our most experienced and qualified teachers in your homestay facility, or continue in a private classroom on campus, or opt for our regular Spanish group classes on campus (max. 6 students per class).

Outside of classes, you will be with your homestay family the majority of the time, for meals and daily life, but you will still of course have full access to the school facilities and activities whenever you wish.

You will surround yourself with native Spanish speakers and become fluent within a short time, through your intensive private classes adapted to your needs and interests. In only a few weeks, you can improve your fluency and comprehension in Spanish in a way you never thought possible. This program offers you a highly effective and enjoyable Spanish learning experience.

24/7 Homestay Spanish Program Facts

• Suitable for students of all ages and any language level (complete beginner to very advanced)

• Ideal for individuals, couples, business or travel purposes.

• Private room, private bathroom, laundry service and three meals per day

• Individual daily tuition (20 hours per week) in your homestay house or on campus, as you choose (textbooks and other supplementary materials provided), OR standard group classes (20 hours per week) on campus.

• Business, medical, social-work, media and educational Spanish are options within the standard program, at no extra cost, for those professionals needing to focus on specific areas of interest.

• Lots of informal conversation with family and friends through constant contact with locals.

• Local cultural and social activities with your host family who accompanies you on outings, local travel and two weekly fieldtrips.

• Daily optional activities at the school including Latin Dance, cooking, films, and conversation interchanges.

• Safe neighborhoods and easy access to public transportation.