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The Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial

 The Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE, or Business Development Institute) is a project under development that will play an important role in creating new business models, products and services to advance them to commercialization. In doing so, the Instituto will contribute to the economy of Las Huastecas, the surrounding region in the state of Hidalgo.

 Additionally, the Instituto will serve as a forum for UDLH faculty and staff to engage the private sector by helping to form new co-ops and promoting small businesses. Such engagement will provide opportunities for revenue streams and enhanced recognition. The Instituto will strive to create and nurture talents of students, academicians and business professionals.

 The mission of the Insituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE) is to provide support services to existing and potential businesses, co-op development, product commercialization and export. These services include: training current and future businessmen and women; sponsoring workshops and seminars, and providing consulting services.

 Our vision is to promote and stimulate the knowledge economy through education and strong entrepreneurial values. The Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial believes that a better and more generous society change can be achieved by developing world-class human capital and a more intellectual leadership.

 Our belief is that education is power and we’re here to serve as a catalyst in assisting entrepreneurs and businesses with management and technical expertise to meet their social commitments. We are keen to foster partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to widen the accessibility and participation in business education.

 Activities of the Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE) will be undertaken by faculty of the University’s Administration, Instituto staff, and students working under faculty guidance and supervision. These activities provide students with experience beyond the classroom and create an opportunity for the professional and technical capabilities within in the university to be made available to the larger community.

 The IDE will provide personalized assistance in various aspects of business management and operations. Our consultants will work with you to develop business plans and evaluate financing alternatives. We will address specific concerns of your business, as well as any marketing needs or custom training for your business.