What is the general phone number and mailing address for the University?
We’re still in the early stages and don’t have a phone system installed yet. However, you can communicate via email to

How do I find contact information for UDLH students, faculty, and staff?
This information will be published once it becomes available.

Can I visit the UDLH’s campus?
Yes, you can arrange a visit to the facilities as they are developed. You could visit Tototla, the Xochicoatlán Municipality, and the place where we will operate the Huastecas Language School. You can also visit Molango , Santo Roa and the region around the place where we will build the campus, a place called Santo Roa, a short distance from Molango and from Xochicoatlán. You will need to arrange your visit by sending an email.

How do I get to Santo Roa, the UDLH campus?
If you’re coming from Mexico City, you will need to head north to Pachuca and then take la Carretera Panamericana towards Huejutla. After approximately four hours of driving or riding the bus you will get to Molango. The entrance to Molango will be on your left and the road to Xochicoatlán. The campus will be located in what was once a church on a mountain range built by Fray Antonio de Roa. What are left there are only ruins, very few remaining, a plaque, a cross and a large boulder area.

Where can I learn more and find materials relating to UDLH’s history?
You can search online or by clicking on “The Journey” page.

How can I apply for a job at UDLH?
You will be able to submit an application online. This section is not ready yet but you can leave your contact information and we will communicate with you when the time comes.

How can I make a gift to Las Huastecas University?
You will be able to donate through our crowd funding pages and this website when the time comes. Meanwhile, add your email address to our email list and we will contact you to be part of the UDLH’s Wall of Founders or to contribute to this worthwhile project.

Where can I find out about UDLH events?
You will be able to learn about our events if you add your email to our email list. We will have cultural, educational and recreational events. You, your friends and your family will invited to attend.

Where can I learn more about UDLH’s Housing?
You will be able to stay in houses in the neighborhood communities around the UDLH campus. These houses in beautiful setting, part of the UDLH’s family.

Where can I buy a brick from the Wall of Founders?
You can buy a brick by clicking on the Wall of Founders page or by emailing

Where can I learn more about Huasteca culture and history?
You can search online or go to your local library and ask for materials about Mexico, Search for Las Huastecas, the States of Hidalgo, Veracruz, San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas.

What is the Las Huastecas Language School?
The Las Huastecas Language School will start offering quality, leading-edge Spanish instruction to students in the summer of 2017. English will be offered in the summer of 2018. The school will be located in the village of Tototla, about 3 miles from where the main campus will be located. This will be a small school with an emphasis on personal attention, an excellent choice in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, close to nature, great food and cultural traditions.

What is the Instituto para el Fomento Empresarial?
The mission of the Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE) is to provide support services to existing and potential businesses, co-ops development, product commercialization and export. These services include: training current and future businessmen and women; sponsoring workshops and seminars, and providing consulting services.